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Welcome to the web page of a family business with a tradition that has been engaged in manufacturing heating elements and associated accessories for years. We produce both heaters in standard sizes as well as custom-made heaters designed to wishes and plans. The present appearance of the headquarters company received in 2000. With quality and successful business, we acquired the credit rating of A.

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Electric heating elements

Electric infrared heating is a unique concept that fits perfectly with the variety of heating demands. It gives off instant and targeted heat, in a way that is very similar to the sun…

Use: Heating cartridges are used in industries where no extreme temperatures are required (footwear industry, food industry, …

Use: For radiators, boilers and for heating up liquids. A brass or prochrom tube with a diameter of 10 to 60 mm surrounds the shields of heating…

Use: Flat heating elements are used for the same purpose as tube heaters – in industries where no extreme temperatures are required…

Objemni grelci

Use: Band heaters are used for the same purposes as plate heaters – in industries where no extreme temperatures are required (footwear,…

One of our many products is also laboratory heating mantle, designed for application in various experiments. It is used to heat up the whole…

Grelne fleksibilne žice

Use: Flexible heating wires that can be wrapped around objects made of porcelain, glass, metal or other materials. They can also be fitted…

Use: Galvanic heaters are used in industrial operations in chemical industry, metal industry, construction and other fields. They are intended…

The main advantage of these heaters is a very low load power of the heater per cm2; therefore, the heated mass does not burn. The heater is intended…

We can manufacture a great variety of different heaters according to your sketches, designs and demands. For example: Knife heaters…

40 years

Family business with a tradition
About Elektromehaniki Hožič

The name Elektromehanika Hožič has been a synonym for quality electric heaters since the 1970s, with which we support both individuals and various industries.

You can find us on Koroška cesta in Kranj (behind the bus station), where we manufacture and repair heating devices in modernly equipped premises.

Top quality electric heaters

In our work, we always combine established and proven procedures on the one hand, and the latest technologies and modern processes on the other.

The goal is always the same: to produce electric heaters that meet the highest quality standards and can be used by users for a long time and to their advantage.

We are proud of our rich experience, constant upgrading of our expertise and the relationships we forge with loyal and satisfied customers.


Experience in numbers

Manufactured electric heaters
Custom-made heaters
Satisfied customers

Production of electric heaters also custom made


Wide range of choices

We manufacture a wide range of electric heaters

We manufacture a wide range of electric heaters, from tubular, cartridge and immersion heaters all the way to flexible heating wires.

Our products also include:

  • juice and must heaters, which are an indispensable tool for winegrowers;
  • heaters for fryers, ovens, water heaters and other household appliances;
  • water heaters for boilers – both tubular and Immersion heaters;;
  • sauna heaters, the dimensions and shape of which are perfectly adapted to your sauna;
  • heaters for washing machines and
  • integrated industrial heating solutions.


grelci za pralne stroje
ETA Cerkno
We also manufacture all electric heaters from their failed programs

Since 2014, we have also been producing all electric heaters from the programs that were discontinued in 2013 by the company ETA Cerkno.

The latter produced electric heating elements for a wide variety of household appliances, such as boilers, water heaters and washing machines, and also supplied tubular heaters to industry.

In order to cover the gap, we provided new, modern devices and expanded the offer.

In our company, heaters are produced according to standard plans or according to customer plans, as the production can be adjusted to the needs and wishes of the end customer as much as possible.

Ker stavimo na individualen pristop, strankam na vsakem koraku nudimo pomoč in podporo. Če potrebujete nasvet pri individualnem načrtovanju grelnega elementa ali če niste prepričani glede materiala, vam bodo naši mojstri z velikim veseljem strokovno, premišljeno in prijazno svetovali.


We are especially proud of the updated system of demand and ordering of heaters. You can send us your inquiry using the form on this page. Simply mark the type of heater you want to order, add the desired power and dimensions, and then add any additional wishes and requirements in the “Detailed information” section. We will process your form as soon as possible, and we will also do our best to make the ordered product available for collection as soon as possible.

As a proof of our dedication to business and constant striving for the highest level of quality, we also received the AA + credit rating for 2019, which has placed us at the very top of credit excellence for several years in a row. So if you need a high quality electric heater that will be perfectly tailored to your needs, just get in touch with us. We can’t wait to impress you with a top product!


Our heaters are made to last.

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