Flat heating elements

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Flat heating elements are used for the same purpose as tube heaters – in industries where no extreme temperatures are required. Dimensions of the plate heaters can be adapted to the requirements of the buyers. Maximum power is 6 W/cm2.

fotografija ploščatih grelcev
fotografija ploščatih grelcev

Housings of flat heating elements are made of either brass, expanded or white metal plates. Heaters without housing are available as well. Thickness of the plate ranges from 2.5 to 10 mm. The heating wire is flat, made of high-alloy and highly resistant metal. It is coiled around a core from micanite or natural mica. Micanite is heat resistant and endure temperatures up to 800 °C.

Flat heating elements without coating (straight bands)

Flat heating elements without coating (straight bands) are made of a resistive wire or band, which is insulated on both sides with micanite (mica) plates. These flat heaters are very thin up to 2 mm and feature a fast heating response. They can be designed for all requested sizes.

Flat heating elements with coating

Flat heating elements with coating are produced the same way as straight bands with the exception that these heaters have a stainless steel, light-drawn steel or brass coating, which protects against mechanical damage. The standard thickness of heaters is 3 to 5 mm, at the customer’s request up to 20 mm.

Flat ceramic heaters

Flat ceramic heaters contain a resistive wire wound into a spiral, inserted into a ceramic insulator and protected with a stainless steel coating. These heaters are used for heating molds, tools, presses, etc. up to 650 °C.

Connector of the flat heating element

With a silicone wire – max. working temperature 180 °C, With a wire insulated by glass fibers – max. working temperature 300 °C, With a strong alloyed wire insulated by ceramic pearls – max. working temperature up to 800 °C, With an apparatus – max. working temperature 800 °C. The connection is made in the place of customer’s request.

Technical specifications of flat heating elements

Specific power 4 to 6 W/cm 2 , working temperature 320 °C, external stainless steel coating AISI 320 resistant to high temperatures, resistive wire or kanthal D, kanthal A1 band, insulation made of pure micanite for high temperatures, standard thickness of flat heating elements is 3 to 5 mm.


Electrical connectors are made either of copper or high-alloy wire, insulated by silicone or glass fibres and fixed by screws or by a mechanical junction. The connector is made in any place on the plate indicated by the buyer.

Special features

The heater must be well compressed between two metal plates, ensuring that it works perfectly.


All of the main characteristics of a desired heater (voltage, power, length, width, performance and place of electrical connection) have to be specified in the order. Add a sketch or a specimen, if possible. When ordering heaters with wire connection that are in the same level with the flat part of the heater, one can use a code as explained here.


You wish to order a heater – voltage 110 V, power 200 W, width 30 mm, length 200 mm, connector length 400 mm. Code number: P., l is 400 mm.

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