Band heaters

We produce all kinds of electric heaters.

Band heaters are used for the same purposes as plate heaters – in industries where no extreme temperatures are required (footwear, dressmaking, rubber, textile).

fotografija objemnih grelcev
fotografija objemnih grelcev

Dimensions of band heaters are from F30 mm up. The maximum power is 6 W/cm2. Casings of band heaters are manufactured of either brass, extended or white metal plate. Heaters without a casing are available as well. The thickness of the plate ranges from 2.5 to 10 mm. The heating wire is flat, made of high-alloy and highly resistant metal. It is coiled on a micanite or natural mica core. Micanite is heat resistant up to temperatures of 800 °C.


Electrical connections are made either of copper or high-alloy wire, insulated by silicone or glass fibres and fixed by screws or by a mechanical junction. The connection is placed on any spot of the plate indicated by the buyer.

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